Setting up a kid party at home

Parties at home might be a great convenience way to save money by not renting a place or very convenience by not moving all of the party items to a park and ending up making few trips because something was left at home. However, it is also true that many kids will be running around the house and need to be entertained, otherwise there is a risk they will end up jumping in that new nice couch (you got a couple of weeks ago) instead of the jumping castle that was hired for the duration of the party.

Here a few tips to run your kid party at home:

  1. Party theme:

One of the first key points of party planning is choosing the theme. Sometimes organisers just think of a theme that they like, but the children play an important role in the decision making, especially because they might be fascinated by a theme today and can change their minds in a couple of weeks. If you know the theme, it makes easier to purchase decoration, rent props and organise the party games.

  1. Space:

The party will take minimum three areas of your house: one for the dessert table, one for sitting and another one for party games/activities. Decide what kind of activities you would like to entertain the kids with and check approximately how much space it will take. You will not want a 3mX3m jumping castle to take most of the backyard if one of the party games is sack race or the party theme is “Spy” and one game is going around the house to find clues.

Place the cake/dessert table in a corner that is away from where the games or the kids will be having most of the jumping and running.

Tables and chairs shouldn’t be located close to doors or in the middle of your open area, the kids will seat for a very short amount of time to eat and they will be moving around a lot. For parents it is better to have just chairs located close to the children seating area, usually parents will seat for just three minutes intervals 🙂

  1. Decoration

White and natural colours will match most of the themes, so for cake and desserts is best to choose these or clear party props which will look nice and won’t take away the beauty of a nice cake or well elaborated cupcakes.

Balloons play a significant role for the decoration and should be align with the party theme colours, otherwise it might create confusion to the kids … some might ask: why were there many red balloons in a Batman party? Most likely for a Batman Party is best to use black & yellow or grey & blue (classical Batman) balloons

  1. Preparing for the day:

Time to bring the party on! Even though organisers have many things under control, one of two details might slip out of their hands. Here are some tips:

– Collect all the party decoration / supplies and keep them together in a same place. A great way is placing the items in a container with a tag listing all the items inside, which makes it easier to know what is in every container.

– Party games to be kept out of the reach of your kids, there is a highly chance your children will be tempted to play with them.

– Have your cake/tables/chairs/props delivered if possible, this will take pressure off your shoulders and allow that extra time to make minor changes like location of tables and chairs, how to arrange the props on the dessert table, look fresh to receive your guests.

These steps are how I normally plan a party for my kids at home and recommend others to follow. Hope it has inspired you and you’ll be confident for your next kid 🙂

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